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6 02, 2023

Strong, Liveable West Coast


Training West Coast Locals to Reach the Quiter Voices in Their Communities Dr Suzie Waddingham is a research fellow with the Collaboration, and the lead researcher for Strong, Liveable West Coast -  a community-led project to improve health and healthcare services for people ...Read More >

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22 11, 2020

Translational Research Demonstration Projects


TCHI is kicking off its research program with a small number of translational research projects designed to have impact and demonstrate the collaboration’s value-adding strategy. TCHI recently announced a call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for translational research demonstration projects. In addition to the direct outcomes and ...Read More >

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21 11, 2020

Community Research Partnership Pilot


Community input and participation in research is a cornerstone component of TCHI’s strategy and we are testing pathways to make this a reality. To achieve significant and sustained improvement in the health outcomes of our community, the research undertaken needs to reflect local needs. Community members ...Read More >

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20 11, 2020

Health Professional Researcher Training


Health professionals have a unique perspective on research needs and are ideally placed to deliver outcomes that will lead to policy and practice change. Health professionals see the health issues facing our community first-hand and can directly engage consumers in developing practical solutions. The Health Professional Researcher Program being ...Read More >

Health Professional Researcher Training2021-11-16T04:03:23+00:00
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