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29 11, 2021

Conducting High-Quality Health Research Short Course


This course will give you a crucial understanding of what goes into completing high-quality research projects. Learn the complete timeline of a project, including key milestones to aim for along the way. You’ll be guided through the first steps of finding mentors, formulating a research question and reviewing literature. You’ll ...Read More >

Conducting High-Quality Health Research Short Course2022-03-30T01:57:49+00:00
1 11, 2021

The Healthcare Redesign program


The Healthcare Redesign program MOOC (School of Medicine, University of Tasmania) is a free, six-week course designed to guide you through the principles of health service improvement, utilising healthcare redesign methodology. It will directly build on your experience, equipping you with the knowledge to tackle workplace issues. This course prepares ...Read More >

The Healthcare Redesign program2022-03-30T02:02:14+00:00
21 03, 2021

Our Collaboration Profile


Following a successful co-design and consultation process, the TCHI Collaboration Profile was proudly presented to our Members in November 2020. The Collaboration Profile describes the governance structure, strategy and operating principles of TCHI and has been developed through structured consultation with the Tasmanian health sector and community. A management ...Read More >

Our Collaboration Profile2022-03-30T01:50:19+00:00
22 11, 2020

Governance & Strategy


The Collaboration is committed to being an inclusive, respected, and trusted voice for health improvement in Tasmania. Its governance structure is comprised of a Board and an Executive Committee. The Board is responsible for overall strategic guidance and ensuring the Collaboration achieves its objectives. The Executive Committee informs implementation, ...Read More >

Governance & Strategy2022-11-15T01:33:35+00:00
22 11, 2020

Translational Research Demonstration Projects


TCHI is kicking off its research program with a small number of translational research projects designed to have impact and demonstrate the collaboration’s value-adding strategy. TCHI recently announced a call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for translational research demonstration projects. In addition to the direct outcomes and ...Read More >

Translational Research Demonstration Projects2021-03-08T03:15:55+00:00
21 11, 2020

Community Research Partnership Pilot


Community input and participation in research is a cornerstone component of TCHI’s strategy and we are testing pathways to make this a reality. To achieve significant and sustained improvement in the health outcomes of our community, the research undertaken needs to reflect local needs. Community members ...Read More >

Community Research Partnership Pilot2021-03-08T03:34:48+00:00
20 11, 2020

Health Professional Researcher Training


Health professionals have a unique perspective on research needs and are ideally placed to deliver outcomes that will lead to policy and practice change. Health professionals see the health issues facing our community first-hand and can directly engage consumers in developing practical solutions. The Health Professional Researcher Program being ...Read More >

Health Professional Researcher Training2021-11-16T04:03:23+00:00
19 11, 2020

Getting Started


TCHI is an ambitious initiative – designed to change our approach to health research in Tasmania, to measurably increase its impact – we are now ready to put our strategy into action with a phased implementation plan. Operationally, it involves engaging and collaborating widely with stakeholders, ...Read More >

Getting Started2021-03-08T03:31:58+00:00
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